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Review Exchange & Earn Money

Review Exchange & Earn Money

Review Exchange & Earn Money- is a platform who allows users to earn Money by completing simple tasks like Downloading, Commenting and Playing free android Apps, it's also the best ASO - App Store Optimization solution for developers and advertisers to promote their Android Apps and gain visibility and go higher in Google Play Store ranking by getting installs, reviews, plays and active users for their Apps. It has been created by Kitar Khalil, Tunisian computer science engineer.

You want to earn Money?

Do you need to buy Coins for your favourite games right now? Are you running out of pocket money for online shopping? More beer money?
We are here to help!
Check out the coolest and latest apps available on Android.
It's really easy to use you just have to collect coins by downloading, reviewing, playing or maintaining Apps from our platform or also just completing our partners offers (Registering to websites,Downloading apps, Completing surveys) and we’ll actually give you real cash, real money, real rewards and gift cards faster and safer than other any other reward app.
So, what are you waiting for? Start earning easy money today and enjoy the highest and easiest payout now.
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You are a Developer/Advertiser? You want to promote your Apps?

According to Evans Data the worldwide number of mobile developers, in 2014, is 8.7 Million and it’s normal considering that everyday hundreds of new Apps are published in Google play store out of which many Apps never reach any users. It’s caused by the deficiency of Google play store ranking system which not only based on download but also ratings and reviews.Big studios somehow manage to get downloads and reviews because of their associations. But for the new companies/developers it will be hard to get noticed, to compete with the old Apps who already have thousands of installs and reviews and to get higher in some popular keywords. It’s almost impossible to go in the first pages in the beginning without spending a lot of money on it.
Download Review Echange & App Promote from Google Play Store
However there are some solution like Mobile advertising network which you can use to get downloads and reviews but the problem they are not proportional, the price is too high compare to what you will earn, In consequence we have created this platform to give an initial push to all the new Apps by getting : Installs, Reviews, G+ shares, Plays and maintains from our member community users.
You just have to choose between our two offers and then follow the instructions.
(As a developer/promoter you still can use our App to earn coins and convert them to cash or premium account)

1) Review Exchange:

2) Subscribe to our Premium Plan (All of our member Community) :

gain visibility and installs with REAP

How it works?

First you have to download our Android App, sign-in for free and add the package-ids or the links of your Apps (only Free Apps) and then you can specify your desired keywords and rate which you want to receive in the reviews (e.g.: rate: 5* / keywords: your app name) also the G+ share is required in every review.

Our system works with points, you have to maintain a positive balance of points to receive reviews:

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